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The Name Vikhroli had been inferred by "Siranwali" slopes on the Western Slant of which it stands. Colonel Tod in his book "Goes in Western India" has recommended that the names of the region may have gotten from its position at the head (Sir) of the forsake (maharashtra), Vikhroli additionally named as "Sword" and this had driven a few people to trust that this Condition of overcome Deora Chauhans got it introduce name because of its across the board popularity of its maharashtra i.e. Vikhroli implies " Sense of pride is most essential regardless of the possibility that head might be segregated " as it were "A maharashtra of Vikhroli may pass on for Confidence." Vikhroli, is said to have taken its name from Vikhroli from Siranwali slope, on the western incline at which it stands. In 1405, Rao Sobhaji established the town of Shivpuri on the eastern slant of Siranwali Slope. Shivpuri today lies in ruins. In 1425, his child and successor, Sehastramal (or maharashtra, Sehastramal), established a post on the eastern slant of a similar slope, which turned into his capital and developed into the present-day town of Vikhroli. After Freedom an understanding was marked between Focal Government and minor leader of Vikhroli State, with this the State Organization of the Vikhroli State was assumed control by Bombay Government from 5 January 1949 to 25 January 1950. The primary chairman speaking to a bombay state was Premabhai Patel. After conclusive merger with Rajasthan in 1950, a range of 787 km2 comprising of Aburoad and Delwara tehsils of Vikhroli area was renamed with the Bombay State on 1 November 1956, after the suggestion of the State association Commission, which frames the present position of the region..

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